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Source To use Wireless Sensors on Openwrt, an agent of sorts is required. The purpose of the agent is to execute on the client (Openwrt) side, to ensure that the needed Wireless Sensor information is returned for SNMP queries (from LibreNMS). horrible wifi performance on wrt-1900acs (v2) : openwrt My wrt-19200acs v2 works quite well. Sometimes, quite rarely, the wifi dies. And a reboot is needed. I think the bandwidth usage on wifi is high theese times. A couple of weeks ago I've moved wifi out to 3 pcs of archer C7 using 802.11r. So only some wifi clients left on 1900acs and after that I … Latest Installing and Using OpenWrt topics - OpenWrt Forum Jul 22, 2020

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OpenWRT as transparent client? Hello. I have a temporary situation, my OpenWRT connects to this wireless hotspot using wifi and to my main router using cable. From my little understanding, it's double nating right? How to avoid it? hotspot is, Openwrt is, main router is … How to set up openwrt to be a wireless receiver [Bridge Sep 10, 2015 OpenWrt Forum OpenWrt - Wireless Freedom. OpenWrt - Wireless Freedom. Category Topics; Installing and Using OpenWrt. Ask questions about installing, using, configuring, and troubleshooting already-built OpenWrt firmware and packages on your device. 10504. Hardware Questions and Recommendations.