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Yes, believe it or not it is possible to get through to of websites that are blocked using Google Cache. For every file, Google maintains a cache. Just type the website blocked and click the link CACHE that appears below the results. Remember to make sure that your browser enables browser caching before using this trick. May 25, 2018 · Folks trying to read the NY Daily News, say, or the Chicago Tribune – the third-biggest US daily newspaper – online from a location within the EU have been blocked from visiting the websites due to new data protection laws. May 31, 2018 · The US National Public Radio website, NPR.org, got a few laughs on social media on GDPR Day thanks to its unique approach to GDPR compliance. EU visitors to the NPR website are presented with a notice about the site’s use of cookies and tracking technology which requires them to opt in in order to visit the full site. Websites are censored in China at the behest of the government and the ruling Communist Party. Any websites or apps that undermine Party rule, or have the potential to, are typically blocked. This consists largely of western news media, social networks, and sites built on user-generated content. While using our service and surfing the internet, you may come across websites that we've blocked for security reasons. Alternately, while going through reports around the activity of the users on your organization's infrastructure, there may be questions about the nature of the sites blocked by Umbrella.

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The majority of extremely popular US based Websites all contain region restricted content which is Geo-Blocked for viewing in Australia. This means if you live in Australia (or you are currently located in Australia), when you visit a site like Netflix.com or Hulu.com, you will be greeted with the following messages below: Most of us find ourselves in situations where a website we wish to visit is blocked by a software or by our ISP (Internet Service Provider). So the question arises, how can we access blocked websites? The answer to this is simple: Proxy websites. Before going into details, let us know a bit about these proxy websites. Proxy Websites Learn how to control specific ways a website can act when you're using Chrome. My site's popups are being blocked. Chrome blocks pop-ups that users might not find useful. If pop-ups are being blocked on a site that you own, visit the Abusive Experience Report. In the report, you'll learn if there are any issues found with your site that you can May 16, 2018 · Use Website IP Rather Than Domain; In most of the cases, the blocked websites are stored as a list of domain names (URLs). Using the IP of that website might work in a few cases. To get the IP address for any website, you do a ping domain.com command via the Command Prompt. You can easily access blocked websites with their IPs.

While some sites might be blocked by the US government not allowing companies to be around in your country, in other cases, it’s your government that blocks sites. This is especially common in China when it comes to American social media which we discussed, and we recommend that you read about, as it’s far more complex than China censoring

2019-11-19 · Transcript of above graphic: 10 Websites Britain Blocked. Nearly one in five of the most visited websites on the web were blocked by the adult content filters installed on Britain’s broadband and mobile networks, according to the Open Rights Group. Blocked US websites | MyBroadband Forum 2019-4-11 Pro-khalistan group websites blocked, SFJ’s Pannun is govt