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Corruption legal definition of Corruption CORRUPTION. An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but is more comprehensive; because an act may be corruptly done, though the advantage to be derived from it be not offered by another. Corruption Synonyms, Corruption Antonyms | Synonyms for corruption. bribery. crime. exploitation. extortion. fraud. graft. malfeasance. nepotism.

Corrupt definition is - to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions; also : bribe. How to use corrupt in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of corrupt.

CORRUPTION | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary corruption noun (BAD BEHAVIOUR) C1 [ U ] illegal, bad, or dishonest behaviour, especially by people in positions of power: The film is about a young police officer and his struggle to expose corruption in the force. What is corruption? -

Dec 19, 2018

Corruption | Definition of Corruption by Oxford Dictionary ‘the term ‘hobgoblin’ is thought to be a corruption of ‘Robgoblin’’ ‘Barolini's love for language is evident throughout the book as well; much of the prose is concerned with ferreting out word origins, with word play, corruptions, and evolution.’ What is corruption? definition and meaning Definition of corruption: Wrongdoing on the part of an authority or powerful party through means that are illegitimate, immoral, or incompatible with ethical standards. Corruption often results from patronage and is associated Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects BusinessDictionary Business Dictionary Dictionary Toggle Political Corruption Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc. Political corruption means the abuse of political power by the government leaders to extract and accumulate for private enrichment, and to use politically corrupt means to maintain their hold on power. However, abuse of political power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general police brutality, is not considered