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How To Clear Your Samsung Smart TV Viewing History - CCM 2020-7-7 · Your Samsung Smart TV keeps track of the content that you have previously viewed. If you don't wish to revisit past titles that you've viewed, you have the option to clear your viewing history. Press the Menu button on your remote control. Go Russia's GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy … 2 days ago · Russia's GRU military intelligence agency has carried out many of the most aggressive acts of hacking in history: destructive worms, blackouts, and—closest to home for Americans—a broad How to See and Delete Your Google History | HowStuffWorks

2 days ago · Follow the below steps to delete the browser history on your smart TV: Using your remote control: 1. Open the Internet browser on your TV . 2. Select the Settings icon . 3. Select Web Browser Settings . 4. Select General . 5. Select Delete History . 6. Select Yes to confirm you wish to delete the history …

2018-6-28 · YouTube keeps track of the videos that you watch and the terms that you search for, so that you can easily get back to them later. Also, based on your watch and search history, YouTube will also give you suggestions of what you may want to watch next. However, there are times when your YouTube history is no longer useful, and/or has skewed YouTube’s recommendations for you too far away from

Clear Last Watched History from the X1 On-Screen Guide

2011-11-25 · Users who are logged into their account when they view videos need to clear the viewing history manually regularly if they are concerned about their privacy. There is another option for users who do not need a YouTube account but want to view videos.