Jan 23, 2020

B.C. Civil Liberties Association: Employee Privacy on the Job All employers in BC must ensure that they follow the applicable privacy law and the collective agreement or employment contract that may apply.. They must, at minimum, make sure that your personal information is shared only with those other employees who … B.C. Court of Appeal Stays a Proposed Privacy Class Action Jun 24, 2015 Privacy - Insurance Council of British Columbia The Insurance Council of British Columbia (the “Council”) is a regulatory body under the Financial Institutions Act (the “Act”) responsible for the licensing and regulation of insurance agents, insurance salespersons, and insurance adjusters. Council is committed to protecting the personal information of all individuals who come within 5 U.S.C. § 552a - U.S. Code Title 5. Government

Privacy Act 1988 - Part IIIA--Credit reporting

how the privacy laws in B.C. work where personal health information flows within the health system what health care providers in B.C. are allowed to do with personal health information. You can also find out about Pharmanet and the B.C. government's plans for electronic health records. B.C. Privacy Act | News, Videos & Articles

Jan 15, 2020

Do Paparazzi Photos Of Meghan Markle Violate B.C. Privacy Jan 23, 2020 Update: July 2020 California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA Jul 07, 2020