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Initialization Sequence Completed With Errors (see http

Open VPN connecting to firebox Solutions | Experts Exchange tls-remote "/O=WatchGuard_Technologie s/OU=Firew are/CN=Fir eware_SSLV PN_Server" remote-cert-eku "TLS Web Server Authentication" remote 208.xxx.xxx.xxx 443 remote 65.xxx.xxx.xxx 443 persist-key persist-tun verb 4 mute 20 keepalive 10 60 cipher AES-256-CBC auth SHA1 float 1 reneg-sec 0 nobind mute-replay-warnings auth-user-pass Yealink Forums - [Solved] VPN with watchguard 2016-10-14

Eddie System/Environment Report - 30/10/2019 20:51 UTC Eddie version: 2.16.3 Eddie OS build: windows_x64 Eddie architecture: x64 OS type: Windows

I have a problem with OpenVPN client to reconnect after link is down. The log shows: Mar 18 00:09:29 pfsense openvpn[61368]: NOTE: the current --script-security setting may allow this configuration to call user-defined scripts Mar 18 00:09:29 pfsense ope FAQ → Troubleshooting → Initialization Sequence Completed With Errors (see http://openvpn.net/faq.html#dhcpclients)