Nov 10, 2016 · An independent software vendor (ISV) is a tech industry term used by Microsoft and other companies to describe individuals and organizations who develop, market and sell software that runs on third-party software and hardware platforms, including Microsoft’s.

“IBM z14 demonstrates IBM’s ongoing commitment to extending the capabilities of the modern mainframe platform. With enhancements to support large memory, high bandwidth and data encryption, IBM is addressing the enterprise demands for greater IT efficiency, industry-leading security, and an extremely flexible IT service delivery model. Power Systems ISV Resource Center | IBM PartnerWorld Now through September 30, 2020, clients can purchase software from any IBM i PartnerWorld registered ISV and they will be eligible for the 4-core or 6-core IBM Power Systems S914 with all the software and benefits of the IBM i Solution Edition. IBM Builds Out Its Financial Services-Ready Public Cloud

Mar 16, 2020 · IBM has met some success with staunching the flow of users off the platform in recent years, and now it’s trying to solidify its ISV base to keep those IBM i accounts happy for years to come. Gina King is the IBM executive in charge of the ISV ecosystem revitalization initiative for Power Systems, including IBM i.

"IBM is joining forces with the ISV community to deliver open, integrated solutions to customers industry by industry," said Buell Duncan, general manager, ISV & Developer Relations, IBM. "We designed PartnerWorld Industry Networks based on the valuable input our ISV partners provided us around the world. ISV Partners. Once you have gained access to IBM Service Request, you are automatically recognized as an ISV if your status is up-to-date within IBM PartnerWorld.

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