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Even after seeing Android's DHCP client was setting host_name to android-5c1b97cdffffffff, I didn't think to ask the router for it's list of names using reverse DNS lookups. The router adds the host_name to it's DNS server so you can still access the device if its IP address changes. How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Errors Jun 17, 2020 How to get an emulator network adapter with an IP from DHCP?

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to its configuration file but the Android devices do not take this setting into account. The setting is correctly sent by the DHCP server as part of its DHCP Offer packet (checked with Wireshark). Is there something specific to configure on the DHCP server for Android devices or …

Ran into the same issue (Android 7.1.1, Nexus 5X). The behavior of the underlying Android API seems to have changed in 7.1. It used to put the interface into Wi-Fi AP mode, configure it with an IP address, and run a DHCP server. Now it only puts the interface into Wi-Fi AP mode and nothing else. 👍 Problems with WiFi/DHCP | Android Tablet Forum Jul 29, 2014