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Using badvpn's tun2socks. badvpn is a collection of utilities for various VPN-related use cases.. Start SSH dynamic SOCKS proxy. First, we'll set up a normal SSH dynamic socks proxy like usual: $ ssh -TND 4711 @ SSH_VPN - Community Help Wiki Jan 10, 2014 SSH Tunneling - Poor Techie's VPN | Linux Journal Mar 28, 2012 EC Tunnel PRO - Free SSH/HTTP/SSL VPN - Apps on Google Play Jul 08, 2020

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VPN vs. SSH Tunnel: Which Is More Secure? Jun 09, 2015 How to Configure an SSH Tunnel on PuTTY - The Devolutions Blog Apr 06, 2017

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How to Tunnel VNC over SSH - Help Desk Geek Nov 16, 2019 Networking issues while using VPN · Issue #416 · microsoft My primary Windows computer. Windows computer has a program called MobaXTerm installed, which provides ssh, tunnel, proxy, and X server (among many other things!). Windows also has a program called Proxifier that routes literally everything destined for a host on the other side of the VPN through a ssh tunnel socks5 proxy. Tunnel RDP through SSH & PuTTY - Sysadmins of the North