How to Set Up Parental Controls Norton Core Router On the Norton Core router, parental controls allow you to restrict access to the internet based on several features. Restrict By Device Restrict network access to individual devices. Create a Bed Time Create a 'cut-off' time for your child, to block internet access after a certain time of day. i have Norton 360. does it have a parental control section Jan 07, 2014

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Help protect your kids against online threats with Norton Family for Windows, Android and iOS so they can enjoy their connected world more safely. It makes the Web safer for your kids to explore and helps balance time spent online by scheduling screen time limits for their device usage.

Apr 25, 2018 Norton Family Review | Top Ten Reviews Jun 29, 2017 Norton Family | Parental Control Software The purchase of Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium includes Norton Family (also known as Parental Control). Get its features and additional protection for your devices, online privacy and personal information, all in a single solution.