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traceroute - udp v icmp - Cisco Community traceroute - udp v icmp I've noticed that traceroute(using udp) will often times trace out so far then die. However tossing the -I option(under most unicies) will almost always give both quicker traces and ones that actually terminate at the desired host, instead of trailing off with '*' indicating that router does not support icmp time extends or is blocking the udp ports for traceroute. Solved: UDP traceroutes not working - J-Net Community Unlike tracert on windows, traceroute on linux uses UDP packets (by default). For some reason I cannot traceroute anywhere, from a variety of linux boxes, over any of my EX4200s. Not even the office firewall which is an EX switch and dumb Netgear switch away shows up. Yet ICMP traceroutes work fine. Solved: TRACE ROUTE Odd Results FiOS Network - Verizon

How to Use Traceroute to Identify Network Problems

networking - Why traceroute sends UDP packets and not ICMP According to the Stevens (TCP/IP Illustrated) the traceroute program sends UDP packets to the destination host with an incremental TTL (1, 2, 3, etc) to get the intermediate hops info from the ICMP TTL EXPIRED messages.

A packet capture shows the UDP traffic come in on port 3343X and then a TTL expired in transit ICMP message goes out to the IP attempting the traceroute just like it's supposed to. On the WAN interface, I created a firewall rule allowing UDP ports 33434 to 33534 …

Jun 27, 2019 How to Use Traceroute to Identify Network Problems