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removeChild() is not removing the child! | Treehouse Community Sep 21, 2018 removeChild doesn't remove in IE - JavaScript - The In one of the pages in my application, I need to create several table rows using JavaScript and provide users the ability to remove certain rows. I am using removeChild to remove the rows from the removeChild not working properly? | Treehouse Community

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Browse other questions tagged c# xml removechild or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog How Stack Overflow hires engineers. Upcoming Events 2020 Community Moderator Election. ends Jul 21. Featured on Meta New post lock available on meta sites: Policy Lock. Feedback post: New moderator reinstatement and appeal process revisions removeChild · WebPlatform Docs removeChild Summary. Removes a child node from a node. Method of dom/Node dom/Node. Syntax var removedNode = node.removeChild(/* see parameter list */); Parameters oldChild Data-type Blob The node to be removed from the document. Return Value. Returns an object of type DOM NodeDOM Node. The removed node. Examples